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Tree Services in Naples, FL

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any property by adding shade, improving air quality, and increasing privacy.However, when a storms nears or a disease strikes the tree, it can turn the beauty into an unsightly scene. Anchor Tree Services can help remove any diseased, broken, or dying trees from your property.

For over 18 years, we have been providing the Naples and South West Florida area with professional, reliable, and affordable tree care services. With our team of insured arborists, we have the tools, experience, and skills to safely and efficiently remove trees. Not only do we have the knowledge to remove or prune trees, but we also inform our customers on the practices and maintenance needed to keep their trees in top shape in-between visits. 

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When a severe storm hits, trees and branches will fall. Property damages after a storm is primarily caused by fallen branches, broken limbs, and uprooted trees. Taking cleanup matters into your own hands can be dangerous and hazardous. Hiring a trained professional is the safest option when dealing with tree damage after a storm. Anchor Tree Service has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to remove any fallen tree or broken branches. Our crew will quickly clear the property of any hazardous trees or branches.

We perform tree removals to eliminate dead, dying, or even hazardous trees. Tree removals can also be useful for eliminating competition for space and light so other plants can flourish. A tree is either an asset or a danger to a property. If you have a diseased or damage tree, don’t let it become a hazard on your property. The crew at Anchor Tree can safely and effectively remove the tree from your home or business.

If stumps have you stumped, then don’t hesitate to call Anchor Tree. We offer affordable solutions to remove and grind any unwanted tree stumps from your property. Grinding a stump is often better than just a stump removal because grinding eliminates tripping hazards that are due to exposed tree roots. Grinding the stump can also eliminate the issue of a habitat for pests such as termites, bees, snakes, and much more. Different from stump removal, there will be no damage to your property or any large holes remaining. The grindings and dirt are used to fill in the small hole after the stump has been ground out.

Tree thinning, also known as pruning, is essential to a trees health. It can prolong its life when the dead, weak, and diseased branches are removed, making it healthier and more vibrant. However, if pruned improperly, it can damage the tree for life. At Anchor Tree Service, we take tree trimming very seriously. It’s our goal for trees to flourish, be healthy, and beautiful on your property. With the harsh Florida weather, tree cleaning is very important. Getting rid of the loose, weak, and dead branches is essential. Due to the severe storms and heavy winds, pruning trees can prevent the weak or dead limbs from damage to properties such as homes, vehicles, and businesses.