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When to Call a Pro: Signs Your Trees Need Expert Trimming Before the Storm

Trees are a valuable asset that add immense value to any property. They improve our air quality, offer shade, provide habitat to wildlife, and beautify our surroundings. However, in storm season, these trees can be potential hazards that can injure our loved ones and damage our property. So it’s necessary to trim our trees regularly. While this seems manageable, different trees require different levels of pruning and maintenance, which can be done best by tree care professionals.

Through this blog, let’s explore some of the main signs that indicate that your trees need trimming.

Identifying Problematic Branch Growth

  • Unusual Branch Angles – Branches that have grown at unusual angles from the main trunk, or those that rub against another branch are prone to breakage in storms and high-speed winds. Asking a tree care professional to assess the situation and do corrective trimming can make the tree healthier.
  • Hanging Deadwood – Dead branches can be dangerous during storms, as they can break and injure people or even fall on the property and damage it. Arborists can remove such branches to prevent accidents.
  • Excessively Long Branches – Sometimes certain branches grow too long and droop on one side, this can make the tree more vulnerable to wind, destabilize it, and lead to unequal weight distribution. So it’s crucial to prune them and ensure balanced weight distribution.

Signs of Underlying Tree Health Issues

  • Fungal Growth – Sometimes mushrooms can sprout near the base of the tree. While this may seem harmless, certain types of mushroom growth can mean your tree is suffering from a root disease. If you notice mushrooms with large and fleshy caps growing at the base of your tree, it’s best to contact a certified arborist to get them to assess your tree’s health.
  • Cracked & Diseased Bark – Healthy trees have firm and intact barks. If the bark peels extensively or sap emanates from the tree trunk, it could be a sign of insect infestation and disease.
  • Major Tilting – Trees grow upright naturally but may start tilting over time. This can be due to strong winds, uneven weight distribution, or underlying soil issues. While a slight tilt may not be anything concerning, a major tilt can mean a serious issue that requires help from a tree care professional.
  • Droopy Discoloured Leaves – Leaves that have become droopy, and discolored can mean they are suffering from a disease or are nutrient deficient. Ignoring these problems can result in bigger issues in the future.

Prioritizing Professional Care

In our busy lives, we don’t always get the time to trim and prune trees ourselves, especially when all trees have different maintenance needs. Reaching out to tree care professionals like Anchor Tree Services can help keep your backyard in top-notch condition.

Our certified arborists have extensive knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to trim even the most complex trees. So don’t wait until the storm season arrives and schedule tree trimming services in Bonita Springs, FL with us. We provide efficient and safe tree-trimming services that keep your loved ones and property safe!