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Storm-Proof Your Backyard: The Power of Preventative Trimming

Sitting in the backyard can help us relax, entertain and connect with nature. Enjoying the beauty of trees, shrubs and climbers can be calming, however they too need maintenance to ensure that they don’t pose any risks during storms.

Preventive measures such as trimming trees and plants beforehand can greatly reduce these risks, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and property.

The Importance of Preventative Trimming

As trees and shrubs grow some of their branches can grow crooked, too long, weak, or might dry up, posing a threat during weather conditions like high winds and storms.

High winds can cause these branches to break and damage your property and belongings or even injure people. Preventative trimming involves removing these branches before they cause any damage.

Benefits of Preventative Trimming

  1. Reduced Wind Risk- Trimming of trees and shrubs reduces their surface area, making them less exposed to strong winds. This reduces the force and pressure applied by winds on the trees, making them less likely to be uprooted or broken during storms.
  2. Prevents Property Damage – Overgrown branches often damage windows, roofs, buildings and other structures. Trimming the branches removes these potential hazards and prevents property damage.
  3. Improved Safety – Dead or weak branches can fall unexpectedly. Regular maintenance helps eliminate these risks, keeping your loved ones safe.
  4. Promotes Tree Health – Regular trimming keeps the trees healthy as diseased, infested or overgrown branches get removed. This prolongs the life of your trees and shrubs, ensuring they remain beautiful for years to come.
  5. Improved Aesthetics – A neatly trimmed tree also looks more appealing and well-maintained. Making it more visually pleasing and neat. 

More Tips For Storm Preparedness

It’s crucial to take some extra measures to safeguard your home. It is best to start by securing the branches, outdoor furniture, and gardening tools, either by securing them to the ground tightly or by storing them in the garage. 

Closing the doors and windows before the storm starts is also important and reinforcing any damaged windows/doors to withstand high winds. Also, consider using wind-resistant materials on the roof to ensure they don’t easily get damaged during high winds. 

Understanding Wind Hazards

Different types of winds can pose different levels of risk to your property. Strong winds that are over 80-100 km/h can cause serious damage, such as uprooting trees, breaking branches, and other structural damage. Living in storm-prone areas increases these risks.

Professional Tree Trimming Services

Maintaining a beautiful backyard isn’t easy, and this is especially true for trimming trees. Proper tree trimming ensures that trees remain green and healthy. Choosing the right tree service provider is important since experts follow the correct methods and use advanced tools for precise and safe trimming. 

Many professional arborists provide services like tree removal, pruning, trimming and storm damage cleanup. They also evaluate the health of trees and recommend suitable trimming methods. Their expertise guarantees that your trees flourish and look aesthetically pleasing while remaining safe.

Don’t wait until the next storm and safeguard your home and loved ones today! Visit Anchor Tree Services for tree trimming in Naples and Fort Myers, FL and invest in storm-proofing to create a safer outdoor environment no matter what the weather may be.